Residential Service Charges

2013-12-20T11:04:56+00:00July 22nd, 2011|Articles / Guides, Lease extension & buying your freehold|

Legislation protects residential tenants from excessive service charges. Before entering into contracts to provide services or carry out works relating to residential properties, you should consider whether you need to consult with your tenants. If you fail to consult when required, you will only be able to recoup the statutory maximum, without dispensation from the [...]

Redundancy Selection Pools

2013-12-20T10:46:33+00:00January 8th, 2011|Articles / Guides, Employment law|

If your business is making redundancies, you must be very careful when drawing up the pool of employees from which you make your selection. Failure to consider the pool is likely to make a dismissal unfair. This checklist highlights the key issues that you need to consider. […]

Handling a dispute

2013-12-20T10:33:47+00:00December 2nd, 2010|Articles / Guides, Dispute Resolution|

Commercial disputes have increased over the past few years due, in part, to the recessionary pressures many businesses have had to contend with. This article sets out the actions your business should take when a dispute or potential dispute arises. It applies to any dispute or incident, whether started by you or brought against you [...]

Pensions and Divorce

2013-12-20T11:08:07+00:00November 18th, 2010|Articles / Guides, Relationships|

If you are contemplating divorce, then a particular area of concern is likely to be your pension. Perhaps you have a pension that you wish to protect or maybe your spouse has a pension that you believe you are entitled to part of. […]

Salary Sacrifice Arrangements

2013-12-20T10:49:30+00:00November 7th, 2010|Articles / Guides, Employment law|

A salary sacrifice arrangement involves an employee giving up part of their entitlement to salary which is subject to income tax and National Insurance contributions (NICs), in exchange for a new or enhanced non-cash benefit, which benefits from a full or partial exemption from tax and/or NICs […]