Family Law

Our specialist family law solicitors are dedicated to providing the highest quality advice on all matters relating to this area of law, offering the expertise, experience and empathy you need to get through what can be a highly emotional and complicated time.

We advise our clients on a range of matters, including:

  • divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships
  • financial arrangements in separation for married and unmarried couples
  • variation and enforcement of Financial Orders
  • pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements
  • cohabitation agreements
  • children matters, including child contact and Schedule 1 financial matters
  • domestic violence and injunctions

With a focus on making the process as clear, straightforward and amicable for you as possible, we can assist at all stages of your divorce or dissolution, from the outset through to the conclusion. If you are considering a separation it is helpful to consult an experienced solicitor at an early stage. We are happy to provide an initial consultation for you to discuss matters and to give you the opportunity to meet with us before proceeding.

We are able to assist with advising on, negotiating, drafting and obtaining financial orders, whether by consent or through contested court proceedings.

A financial settlement on divorce or dissolution is an arrangement for a couple’s finances, assets, income and pensions to be separated. Financial claims arising from marriage or civil partnership are not automatically dismissed by a divorce and so it’s important to have a financial settlement concluded in an order from the court. This does not mean you would necessarily attend court. The majority of financial agreements are made by consent through solicitors’ negotiations or mediation. However, in certain cases, court proceedings may turn out to be necessary, for example where it is not possible to reach an agreement or there are issues as to financial disclosure.

We also have extensive experience in dealing with the variation or enforcement of financial orders should there be changes in circumstances or issues following a financial settlement.

Pre and post-nuptial agreements, while not legally binding in England and Wales, are becoming increasingly popular, and if prepared correctly and fair are likely to be upheld by a court in the event of a divorce. One aspect to preparing a pre or post-nuptial agreement correctly is for both parties to have independent legal advice.

Nuptial agreements are often used as a means to protect inherited assets or expected inheritance, businesses, or specific assets in the event of divorce. They are also used to give peace of mind that should the marriage come to an end in the future, the financial arrangements have been set out and the potential for dispute reduced.

It’s a common misconception that cohabiting couples have the same or similar legal rights to married couples. However, this is not the case.

Unmarried couples moving in together can benefit hugely from drawing up a cohabitation agreement with the help of a specialist solicitor. Not only can this agreement help the couple deal with financial arrangements while living together, but it can help determine how property or assets should be divided if you split up. It’s an excellent way to reduce potential dispute and a good opportunity for couples to think and talk about living together financially.

Issues over child arrangements, such as who a child should live or spend time with, or specific issues such as holidays or moving abroad, can be highly emotional and difficult matters to discuss. In the event of dispute, you should contact a solicitor as soon as possible to discuss and understand the options.

In the event it is necessary to apply to court for a child arrangements order, prohibited steps order, or a specific issue order, we will provide a clear, caring, and supportive service to work in your and your children’s best interests.

Child maintenance is typically dealt with by the Child Maintenance Service. However, in certain circumstances, you may be able to apply to the court for child maintenance, or a lump sum or property settlement specifically for the benefit of children.

To discuss any issues relating to children, please contact us and we can arrange a meeting to talk through the options.

If you have experienced any form of domestic violence, we are able to assist you in seeking the protection of the courts for yourself and any children who may be affected. Please contact us today if you need our help.

Marriage and divorce affect wills and may have consequential property matters. Woodfords is able to assist at the conclusion of your divorce with any consequential property and private client issues.

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Recent work undertaken

  • Advising overseas family in relation to their business and trust assets which were the subject of contested divorce proceedings in the High Court
  • Advising a Middle Eastern family on the protection of their offshore assets from the remit of the family courts
  • Settlement of a financial claim involving property development businesses worth £4-5million
  • Successful application for the capitalisation of a school fees order on enforcement
  • Leading a case involving a contested financial agreement from the early 1990s, which the court upheld as a concluded financial agreement following a final hearing
  • Representing a mother in contested Children Act proceedings in the High Court, during which the father made two successfully opposed applications for the mother’s committal
  • Advising in Schedule 1 matters through to final hearing, including scrutiny of multi million pound complex financial structures and overseas assets

What it will cost

When it comes to family law, where you often need to share the very personal details of your relationship, it’s vital to choose solicitors you trust and feel comfortable with. For this reason we offer a free initial meeting during which you can get a feel for whether you’re comfortable with us handling your affairs.

After that, and where possible, we will endeavour to provide a fixed price quotation for our services and clear guidance on any further costs.

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What our clients say

“Woodfords represented me in my divorce case which turned out to be long and difficult. At all times I felt I received considered and professional advice which made the whole process much easier to bear. Even against a larger and more powerful firm Woodfords was technically and legally much better. Thanks.”

“Went through a difficult divorce and found Woodfords to be very sensible and knowledgeable.”

“I used Woodfords for 3 years for 3 complex legal matters and I can say without doubt that Woodfords were extremely professional from the initial introductory meeting to the finish. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in matters relating to divorce, family law and property conveyancing.”